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Celebrating our 34th year of Providing Eco-Friendly Lawn and Shrub Care.

Starting in 2023, Green Buffalo Lawn Care will be the the new name for Nature’s Lawn’s fertilizing services here in western NY.  We believe this new name and new website reflects the local aspect of our company better, and will help separate our Buffalo lawn services from our internet product sales.  (If you are interested in DIY lawn products, please visit

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Award-Winning & Effective Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services

Organic Plus Program

Add-On Programs and Services

Tree & Shrub Fertilizer and Organic Insect Prevention

Get flourishing trees & shrubs with a once annually heavy feeding of your shrubs, trees, and perennials, supplying necessary nutrients lasting up to a year.  Also, you get a soil conditioner to loosen clay soil & stimulate deeper & fuller root development.

Foundation Pest Control

Keep insects and pests out of your home quickly and easily with the premiere organic treatment sprayed around the base of the house that is designed to prevent ants, centipedes, spiders and other insects from getting into your house or basement.

Yard Guard Flea & Tick Preventer

Protect your pets and family with the ideal organic spray for your lawn and bushes in your yard and at the perimeter of your property. It powerfully repels ticks and fleas and keeps the yard safe for pets for the entire season.

Liquid Compost

Rapidly triggers above and below ground growth. Improves grass color and health with Humates and Kelp.

Natural Aeration

Get a beautiful lawn without expensive & un-safe equipment. Natural Aeration improves the movement of water, air & nutrients and contains soil penetrants & organic soil conditioners that loosen & bio-activate tight & lifeless soil. Great for lawns, trees & shrubs.

Organic Soil Builder

Quickly improve color, turf density, soil structure & raise organic matter levels in both clay & sandy soils. Get primary, secondary & trace elements lacking in most soils to boost the humus content of your soil. Great for lawns that have been chemically fertilized in the past.

Lime / Calcium Infusion

Boost soil structure, grass cell walls & bioactivity. The importance of Calciumv cannot be overstated. Get an infusion of Calcium using different types of Lime, as well as Calcium-Sulfate (gypsum). We’ll identify your soil type & apply accordingly. 

Compost / Bioactivator

Achieve healthy grass and easily boost soil structure, nutrient availability and earthworms. The compost / bioactivator is a powerful and granular application that contains compost and other minerals that help generate more micro-life in the soil.

Organic Disease Preventer

Fight disease and get the lawn of your dreams, organically. With a powerful but safe natural application, you will achieve soil conditions that help fight off diseases such as Red Thread, Snow Mold, Brown Patch and other common lawn fungus problems.

Salt Control

Take back your soil from damaging snow salt. Salt kills the bio-life in the ground causing thin turf, weeds, crabgrass & dead spots. Curbside trees are weakened and often die from salt damage. The Salt Control application detoxifies soil and neutralizes salt, saving your lawn.

Water Saver

Water your lawn less and enjoy your lush green lawn more, effortlessly. Our ultra-potent Water Saver helps your soil retain water much longer with the powerful Ecologel, which is proven to reduce watering needs by up to 50% on sports fields and home lawns.