About Green Buffalo Lawn Care

The Same Company with a New Name

Celebrating our 34th year of Providing Eco-Friendly Lawn and Shrub Care.

Starting in 2023, Green Buffalo Lawn Care will be the the new name for Nature’s Lawn’s fertilizing services here in western NY.  We believe this new name and new website reflects the local aspect of our company better, and will help separate our Buffalo lawn services from our internet product sales.  (If you are interested in DIY lawn products, please visit www.natureslawn.com).

Green Buffalo Lawn Care (formerly called Nature’s Lawn) provides our customers with the benefits of 50+ years of experience and hard-won knowledge about lawns, gardens, and organics. You could say that we wrote the book on eco-friendly lawn care. In 1988 our book Building A Healthy Lawn: A Safe and Natural Approach was published and sold nationwide.   In 1989 we decided it was time too narrow our focus to just eco-friendly lawn and shrub applications, and incorporated as Nature’s Lawn. Today, aside from lawn fertilizing services,  we offer Flea and Tick Prevention, Aeration, Weed, and Insect controls – and we have Organic Options for all of the above.

FYI  We do not do lawn mowing or landscaping work.  We do believe that proper mowing is one of the keys to a healthier and greener lawn.  For some Mowing Tips you can click here.

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45 Years
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