Frequently Asked Questions

Green Buffalo Lawn Care is the lawn services department of Nature’s Lawn & Garden.  We have been serving Western New York for over 35 years, and is one of the forerunners of organic and chemical free lawn care. Our founder and president, Stuart Franklin, literally wrote the book on natural lawn care (Building a Healthy Lawn, A Safe and Natural Approach, published in 1988) long before organic and eco-friendly was in the public eye!). We are a family-owned business that is passionate about building healthy lawns and gardens while providing excellent service and value. 

At Nature’s Lawn, we focus on the health of your lawn, not just the appearance. We use only high quality, chemical-free, low salt fertilizer, which means your soil doesn’t get over-loaded with the salts commonly found in mass-produced synthetic fertilizer. For weed control, we use an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach: instead of broadcast spraying herbicide all over your lawn, we target the weeds directly. This method drastically reduces the amount of toxic chemicals used on your property, while still providing a weed and crabgrass-free lawn.

Additionally, we offer natural, chemical free services such as insect prevention, soil amendments, mess-free natural aeration, and a host of other services to improve soil health and, in turn, the health and appearance of your lawn.

We are a small, family-owned business backed by 45+ years of experience and a passion for lawn care. Our employees and lawn technicians have been with the company for many years (some of them almost since the very beginning!), which means that year after year you will know who is working on your lawn. Instead of a rotating crop of lawn techs who change from year to year, our lawn techs are seasoned professionals who know their customers’ lawns inside and out. They’ll grow to know your lawn, too!

Your lawn technician will note on your invoice if there are any special instructions after your lawn has been treated. If chemical weed control or chemical insect control has been used, stay off the lawn for at least 24 hours (including pets!). Generally, you will want to water in your fertilizer application within 24 hours in order to activate the granular fertilizer.

Between applications, make sure your lawn is getting enough water. If the rain is not enough, consider watering your lawn with a sprinkler to ensure the grass does not get stressed by heat or drought. 

No, but we offer something better, less expensive, and something that creates zero mess: Natural Aeration. Our Natural Aeration service is a liquid application that penetrates the soil and breaks down the bonds between soil particles that creates clay and compaction, thus loosening the soil to allow for better air and water flow and increased nutrient absorption for grass roots. This application can penetrate up to 8 inches into the soil, which is almost twice as deep as a mechanical aerator. With Natural Aeration you are actually restructuring the soil so that your lawn can thrive, instead of just poking holes in the ground and thinning out your lawn.